Research Fellow, Department of Life and Medical Sciences, University of Hertfordshire

Dr Robert Coutts is an internationally recognised molecular virologist who specializes in investigating the replication of mycoviruses and plant viruses. He is currently a Research Fellow and Visiting Lecturer at Department of Life and Medical Sciences, GEA, University of Hertfordshire (UH), Hatfield, and previously spent 38 years as a research and lecturer at Imperial College London.

His research currently focuses on fungal viruses. While viruses have long been recognised as important components of all biosystems, viruses of fungi (mycoviruses) have been largely ignored and, apart from a few notable exceptions, their roles in fungi are largely unknown. Following on from studies on the molecular characterisation of a number of mycoviruses found in plant pathogenic fungi (1, 5), saprophytic Aspergilli (2, 8, 9, 13) and entamophageous fungi (12) his is concentrating his investigations on Aspergillus fumigatus.