Robert Gilchrist

Associate Professor in Reproductive Biology; Head, Oocyte Biology Research Unit, UNSW

Associate Professor Robert Gilchrist is a scientist and reproductive biologist based at the University of New South Wales Sydney, Australia. He runs a research program on egg (oocyte) and ovarian biology. Dr Gilchrist received his Doctorate of Science from the University of Göttingen in Germany. He is currently a NHMRC Senior Research Fellow.

A/Professor conducts basic discovery research on how the egg communicates with its neighbouring cells in the ovary and how this communication axis effects subsequent embryo development, pregnancy outcomes and fertility. A/Professor Gilchrist is also passionate about translating research findings into clinical practice. He manages an applied research program with the objectives of improving oocyte in vitro maturation (IVM) technologies in animals and women. The long-term objective is to develop drug-free IVF for infertility treatment and fertility preservation for cancer patients.


  • –present
    Head, Oocyte Biology Research Unit, UNSW Australia


NHMRC Senior Research Fellow, Fellow of the Society for Reproductive Biology