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Robert Molyneux, Citizen

I am a scientist and Information technologist and have worked for many years in information technology in a range of roles from hands-on technologist through to business development, sales and marketing and management, as well as a stint as a secondary school teacher.

I have worked for Australian, Japanese and British companies, and in heavy industry, mining and heavy haul railways, across Australia. Clients have included Commonwealth, State and Local government agencies.

Over the last decade, I have been especially involved in "asset management" of "infrastructure" - roads, water and sewerage networks, stormwater drainage and water recycling. This has involved working with state and local governments, especially regarding computer systems for managing tens of thousands of components of pipe networks and water and sewerage treatment plants.

I have a particular interest in the "tyranny of distance" in Regional and Rural Australia (RURA) where isolation and a lack of a "critical mass" of skilled technical resources make management and maintenance of valuable assets very difficult.

And more or less by accident, I am interested in the care and survival of bees.

My website presents information about government and sustainability - including bees.