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Lecturer in Observational Atmospheric Science, University of Leeds

After completing his M. Sci in 2010 and PhD in 2012, Neely moved across Boulder to work as a Post-Doctoral Fellow in the National Center for Atmosoheric Research's (NCAR) prestigious Advanced Study Program. During his time at NCAR, Neely was hosted by the Atmospheric Chemistry Division (Now known as ACOM). While there, Neely continued both his development of active remote sensing technology through his involvement with the ICECAPS project and the awarding of a grant to build a high resolution polarized Raman lidar (see below). Neely also used to state-of-the-art climate models to continue his exploration of volcanoes, stratospheric aerosol and climate variability.

In 2014, Neely moved to the Institute for Climate and Atmospheric Science (ICAS) within the School of Earth and Environment (SEE) and National Centre for Atmospheric Science (NCAS) at the University of Leeds as a Lecturer of Observational Atmospheric Science and Principle Investigator of the NCAS mobile X-band weather radar (MXWR).

Research Interests:

Active remote sensing and modeling of clouds, aerosol and atmospheric state
Understanding the life cycle and role of mixed phase clouds in weather and climate
Extracting improved information from active remote sensing observations (particularly exploiting polarisation) through the improvements in technology and algorithm development
The microphysical processes that lead to various precipitation amounts and types
The role of anthropogenic and volcanic sources of stratosphere aerosol climate variability


  • –present
    Lecturer in Observational Atmospheric Science, University of Leeds


  • 2012 
    Univeristy of Colorado, Ph. D. in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
  • 2010 
    University of Colorado, M. Sci. in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
  • 2008 
    North Carolina State University, B. A. in Physics

Professional Memberships

  • American Geophysical Union
  • European Geophysical Union
  • American Meteorological Society

Research Areas

  • Meteorology (040107)
  • Climate Change Processes (040104)
  • Photogrammetry And Remote Sensing (090905)
  • Atmospheric Sciences (0401)
  • Atmospheric Aerosols (040101)
  • Atmospheric Dynamics (040102)
  • Atmospheric Radiation (040103)
  • Environmental Chemistry (Incl. Atmospheric Chemistry) (039901)


Eagle Scout