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Senior Lecturer in Ecology, Environment & Evolution, La Trobe University

My primary area of research is the mechanisms underpinning specialised ecological interactions, their role in generating species diversity, and their vulnerability to landscape modification. In addition to an extensive field ecological studies, to tackle these issues I have drawn upon a diversity of tools including population genetics, phylogenetics and chemical ecology. While my original research focus was on the role of specialised pollination strategies in the evolution and conservation of Australian orchids, I have a broad interest in natural history that has led to projects on wasps, fish, stingless bees, birds and others. The main projects I am currently involved in are: the evolution of sexual deception in spider orchids; optimising conservation translocations of rare plants through knowledge of pollination biology; the evolution of vertebrate pollination systems in old landscapes; and adaptations to pollination by honey possums in Banksia.

I am currently lecturing in Conservation Biology at La Trobe University, including field courses to Wilsons Promontory National Park and the Victorian Mallee.


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    Senior lecturer, La Trobe University