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Assistant Professor in Digital Media, University of Canberra

Dr Sam Hinton has more than 20 years experience in digital and internet-related media. Sam first started developing for the web back in 1993 when he downloaded NCSA Mosaic via a telnet FTP session. He's been studying and promoting the web ever since.

From 1995 Sam worked at the ANU in the Centre for Networked Information and Publishing as the ANU's "web master". He left that job to do his PhD in 1998, and also to work on a mod for Quake III called Urban Terror, which ended up being a very successful and eye-opening look into the world of game development.

In 2003 Sam joined the University of Canberra as a lecturer. Sam is the co-author of "Understanding Social Media" (2013) and is an active researcher in technical and social aspects of computational and digital technologies.


  • 2003–present
    Lecturer in Media Arts, University of Canberra


  • 2006 
    La Trobe University, PhD Media Studies
  • 1992 
    University of Canberra, Bachelor of Arts (Professional Writing)

Research Areas

  • Computer Gaming And Animation (190202)
  • Interactive Media (190205)