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Samantha Patrick

Reader in Marine Biology, University of Liverpool

Samantha Patrick is a behavioural ecologist who studies individual differences in mating strategies. Her research focuses on reproductive tactics and foraging behaviour and considers how and why alternative strategies are maintained in populations.

Patrick has been a Lecturer in Marine Biology at the University of Liverpool since 2015. Before this she was a Research Fellow at the University of Gloucestershire and a Research Associate at the University of Oxford.

She completed her DPhil at Oxford with Ben Sheldon and then worked as a Research Assistant for the University of Sheffield, before doing her first post doctorate work with Steve Votier at the University of Plymouth. Afterwards, she held a Marie Curie Fellowship at the Centre d'études biologique de Chizé, CNRS.

Patrick has worked mainly on avian systems, from great tits to albatrosses, and examines the causes and consequence of individual variation. She also belongs to the Seabird Ecology Group of the University of Liverpool (SEGUL), which is dedicated to the study, research and conservation of seabirds around the world.


  • –present
    Senior Lecturer in Marine Biology, University of Liverpool