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Ph.D. Student in Computer Science, Boston University

I am a grad student in the BUSec group working with Prof. Mayank Varia. I am interested in improving the law's understanding of technology, and technology's understanding of the law and society. I believe that the current lack of mutual understanding between these fields is harming society and individuals caught in the crossfire. I hope to help by gaining and spreading an understanding of both fields. I am a studying applied cryptographer, including secure messaging, key derivation, MPC, and hash combiners. I also have a lot of opinions about machine learning, and how you shouldn't use it for things that bear high costs to individuals when the predictions are wrong, and at the very least you should be using algorithmic fairness techniques.

I am the current organizer of the Multi Party Computation Reading Group for BUSec and the Hariri Institute, and am an active member of the Cyber Security, Law, and Society Alliance.

I also made the BU CS department poster template for Beamer. Feel free to email me, make an issue, or make a pull request with complaints or suggestions.

Before I went to Boston University, I majored in computer science and mathematics at Harvey Mudd College. When not working on crypto research, I can often be found playing Dungeons & Dragons.


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    Ph.D. Student in Computer Science, Boston University