Sarah Winkler-Reid

Lecturer in Social Anthropology, Newcastle University

I am a social anthropologist focusing on growing up in contemporary Britain and questions of learning, personhood and ordinary ethics. I conducted fieldwork in a secondary school in London and explore these questions through an in-depth focus on young people's everyday lives in school.

I joined Newcastle University as a Lecturer in Social Anthropology in 2015. Prior to this I was a Teaching Fellow in Anthropology in the department of Archaeology and Anthropology at Bristol. I received my PhD in Anthropology from Brunel University.


  • 2015–present
    Lecturer in Social Anthropology, Newcastle University


  • 2010 
    Brunel University , PhD Social Anthropology


  • 2017
    ‘Doing your best’in a London secondary school: Valuing, caring and thinking through neoliberalism, The Sociological Review 65 (1_suppl), 137-153
  • 2017
    “Looking Good” and “Good Looking” in School: Beauty Ideals, Appearance, and Enskilled Vision among Girls in a London Secondary School, Anthropology & Education Quarterly 48 (3), 284-300
  • 2016
    Friendship, bitching, and the making of ethical selves: what it means to be a good friend among girls in a London school, Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute 22 (1), 166-182
  • 2015
    Making fun out of difference: Ethnicity–race and humour in a London school, Ethnos 80 (1), 23-44
  • 2014
    ‘She’s not a slag because she only had sex once’: Sexual ethics in a London secondary school, Journal of Moral Education 43 (2), 183-197