Sary Levy-Carciente

Full Professor of Economics, Universidad Central de Venezuela

Sary Levy-Carciente is a Venezuelan economist with expertise in the field of financial macroeconomics. She holds a PhD in Development Studies, a Master in International Economics and a Professional Specialization in Administrative Sciences.
She is Board Member of the National Academy of Economics Sciences in Venezuela, a full professor at Universidad Central de Venezuela; and during her academic career has held different positions: Dean of the Economics and Social Sciences Faculty 2008-2011; Research Coordinator of the Social and Economic Science Faculty, 2004-2008; Director of the Institute of Economic and Social Research, 2004-2008; and chief of the Research Unit in International Affairs at the IIES-FACES-UCV, 1999-2008. She is a Board Member of the International Institute of Advanced Economic and Social Studies in Italy; Center for the Dissemination of Scientific Knowledge CEDICE in Venezuela; journal Perfil de Coyuntura Económica in Colombia, journal La Finanza in Italy and journal Anales Americanista in Spain.
She was awarded with a Fulbright Scholarship for research at the Center of Polymer Studies of the Physics Department of Boston University, 2013-2014, and a Visiting Scholar invitation at the Economic Department of the University of Massachusetts, 2000-2001.
She wrote her Ph.D. thesis on financial instability, developing a mathematical model showing how economic cycles allow irregular dynamics that eventually can lead to chaos. In her more recent researches she uses network theory to depict the topological structure of financial systems and to model contagion effects under systemic stress. She has several publications: including: Decoding the collapse. The Network Theory and Financial Analysis (Edit Hoja del Norte, Cyngular), A Century Panic (Random House Mondadori, Grijalbo), Financial Innovations, Endogenous Money and Crises: A Schumpeter's Insight (IIAESS, Viterbo-Italy), Instability financial: Study on the Irregularity and Dynamics, (FACES-UCV, Caracas), Mutual Funds and Financial Systems, (FACES-UCV & Tropykos, Caracas)


  • –present
    Professor of Economics, Universidad Central de Venezuela


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