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Professor of Dynamics, University of Nottingham

Graduated in 1984 from University College Dublin with a 1st Class Hons Degree in Mech. Eng. Worked for GEC Large Electrical Machines Ltd., Rugby from 1984-1990. Then joined Aston University as a lecturer in Mechanical Engineering. By 1998, I was promoted to Reader in Mechanical Engineering. I left Aston University to join Nottingham University in 2000 as Professor of Dynamics.


Rotordynamics in general and the rotordynamics of machines with laminated rotors in particular. Robust balancing for high performance (high power density) rotors. Modelling the coupled dynamics of electro-mechanical systems - electrical machines in particular. Monochromatic power transmission taking advantage of some fundamental properties of certain two-degree of freedom dynamic systems.

Also an area of mathematics called "Structure Preserving Transformations" and recently I have developed a strong interest in "Integrated Compressed Air Energy Solutions" whereby renewable sources (wind/wave/tidal) are used to compress air directly and this is subsequently expanded for generation.

Past Research:
Vibration in large electrical machines: The electromagnetic dynamics of windings of large electrical machines: Control of multiple independent drives for high-performance machines: Composite system assembly (i.e. dynamic substructuring). High Specific Load Capacity Magnetic Bearings. Noise and Vibration in Electrical Machines.

Future Research:
Extending the application of the Structure Preserving Transformations to machine vibration control and towards final applications in matrix polynomial eigenvalue problems: Further development of the ICAES (compressed-air energy from renewables) ideas. Further work on balancing and on modelling complex electromechanical systems.


  • –present
    Professor of Dynamics, University of Nottingham