Professor of Astrophysics, University of Sussex

I and my research team have a lot of experience in data analaysis and modeling techniques. This includes image and signal-processing, object detection, Bayesian inference and machine learning techniques. We are applying these techniques to a number of different areas inparticular in health and biosciences and Earth Observations. We've applied Bayesian probabalistic matching to link patient records in the European Cystic Fibrosis Society patient registry
We've applied Gaussian Processes to classification of Altzheimer's and Mild Cognative Imparement in fMRI images, published in Neuroimage We've worked on microscopy imaging of nano-scale protein structures published in PNAS.

I now direct DISCnet, a doctoral training centre in data science which trains students undertaking a PhD in astronomy or particle physics and allows them to do placements with non-university organisations to apply their skills to other challenges. I also lead a new DISCUS a new interdisciplinary research centre in data science at University of Sussex. Peter Hurley has founded DataJavelin, a Machine Learning & Statistical Solutions consultancy company.


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    Professor of Astrophysics , University of Sussex