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Researcher on Plastics Recycling and Sustainability, University of Minho

Sibele is a researcher of Sustainable Polymeric Building Materials made from recycled plastic. Researcher at the University of Minho, Institute for Polymers and Composites (2022). Research Fellow at the Queen's University of Belfast (2019-2021). Substitute Professor in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology undergraduate course at IMA-UFRJ (2018). Post Doctoral researcher in Polymers Science and Technology at IMA-UFRJ (2014-2019). Visiting researcher at the University of Bayreuth, Germany (2013). DSc in Polymers Science and Technology at UFRJ (2014). Graduate in Architecture and Urbanism at UFRJ (1991).


  • 2019–2021
    Research Fellow, polymeric materials, Research Fellow, polymeric materials


  • 2014 
    Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Instituto de Macromoleculas Professora Eloisa Mano, Doctor in Science, in Polymers Science and Technology