Professor of Neuropathology, Queen Mary University of London

Silvia Marino is Professor of Neuropathology at Barts and the London Medical School, Queen Mary University of London and Honorary Consultant Neuropathologist at Barts Health.

She is the Director of the Brain Tumour Research Centre of Excellence, a partnership between QMUL together with UCL Institute of Neurology and the charity Brain Tumour Research.

The focus of the Marino research group is on the biology of stem cells and progenitor cells, on the pathways and genes involved in control of their maintenance, proliferation and differentiation, in particular the Polycomb group genes. The group is currently investigating the role of deregulated epigenetic mechanisms in initiation and progression of brain tumours –medulloblastomas and glioblastomas- in experimental models and in human tumour samples.

In her clinical role as a consultant neurolopathologist, she specialises in the neuropathological assessment of neuro-oncological surgical specimen and muscle biopsies.

Prof Marino is the Lead of the NIHR Integrated Academic Clinical Training Programme at QMUL/BH. She is the current President of the British Neuro-Oncology Society (BNOS).


  • –present
    Professor, Queen Mary University of London