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Professor of Immunology and Director of Research, Moi University


Academic Qualification

-DVM , MSc Moscow Vet Academy 1980 – 1985

-Moscow Vet Academy Undergraduate Postgraduate 1980 – 1985 Institute (USSR)

-The University of Liverpool, UK Doctorate Education 1988 – 1992

PhD (Parasite Immunology) the University of Liverpool, UK 1988 – 1992

Professor of Immunology - 17/11/2015 to present
Director of Research -1/08/2014 to date
Acting Principal College of Health Sciences -various dates in 2012-2013
Acting Dean School of Medicine-May/June 2010, July/August 2012
Associate Professor Immunology-2/12/2011 – 17/11/2015
Senior Lecturer Immunology-4/8/97 - 1/12/11
Head Immunology-October, 2008 (two terms)
Acting Head Immunology-2006 – 2007
Head Immunology-2003 – 2005
Lecturer Immunology-1/11/93 - 1/8/97
Acting Head Immunology-28/10/96 - 24/1/97


-Immunology to Undergraduate Students of Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, Environmental Health and Physiotherapy. Post-graduate students of MSc Immunology, MPH (Immunology of Infectious diseases) MMed (Paediatrics, Internal Medicine, Reproductive Health, Orthopaedics, General Surgery).

-Coordinator development of BSc Medical Laboratory Science Curriculum 2010-2011.

-External Examiner, University of Nairobi and Makerere University for Undergraduate and Postgraduate students.

-Internal Examiner for DPhil, MPhil, MMed, MSc and MPH candidates at Moi University and University of Eldoret.


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  • –present
    Professor of Immunology and Director of Research, Moi University