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Simon Mair

Lecturer in Sustainability, University of York

Simon is an ecological economist, trying to understand the current economy in order to build a better one. Simon’s research interests include the history of economic thought, utopian economics, and various kinds of models. He is currently working on questions of productivity, energy, value and work in (un)sustainable economies.

Select Recent publications
Clift R, Mair S and G Martin (2022). ‘Sustainability and the Circular Economy’ Ch 2 in ‘Assessing sustainability progress: frameworks, tools and case studies’ Elsevier, Hospido, A., Fiore, S., and Teodisu,

Mair, S. and Druckman, A., (2022) ‘ The UK: a proud leader, or dishonest user of statistics?’, in Murray, J., Owen, A., Simas, M., Malik, A. (ed.) A Triple Bottom Line Analysis of Global Consumption: Economic, Environmental, and Social Effects of Pre-Pandemic World Trade 1990–2015. Pan Stanford.

Isham A, Mair S and T Jackson 2021. Worker wellbeing and productivity in advanced economies: Re-examining the link. Ecological Economics, 184.

Mair S 2020. Planetary Health and the COVID-19 epidemic: a Marxist ecofeminist analysis. The Lancet Planetary Health, 4, 12, pp. e588–96

Mair S, Druckman A and T Jackson 2020. A tale of two utopias: Work in a post-growth world. In: Ecological Economics, Vol 173.

Mair, S, Druckman, A and T Jackson 2018. Higher wages for Sustainable Development? Employment and carbon effects of paying a living wage in global apparel supply chains, Ecological Economics, 159.


  • 2022–present
    Lecturer in Sustainability, University of York


  • 2016 
    University of Surrey, PhD/Ecological Economics