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Stephanie A. Fernhaber

Professor of Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Butler University

Dr. Stephanie Fernhaber teaches a variety of courses within the Entrepreneurship & Innovation program at the undergraduate and graduate levels including The Entrepreneurial Mindset, Business Practicum, First-Year Business Experience, and Social Entrepreneurship.

In addition to teaching, Dr. Fernhaber conducts research in the areas of international entrepreneurship, grassroots innovation, and new venture strategy. Her research has been published in various academic journals including the Journal of International Business Studies, Strategic Management Journal, Journal of Business Venturing, Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, and Entrepreneurship, Theory & Practice. Dr. Fernhaber has also co-created four books. She serves as the Field Editor for International Entrepreneurship at the Journal of Business Venturing.

At the community level, Dr. Fernhaber has a passion for spurring innovation with an emphasis on social entrepreneurship.