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Research Fellow, Department of Archaeology, University of York

I obtained my first degree in Chemistry (BSc, University of Sheffield), before taking a MSc in Analytical Chemistry and Instrumentation at Loughborough University of Technology. The research project for my masters was titled "Identification of the Mummification ‘Resins" Employed in Ancient Egypt in an Early 18th Dynasty Tomb in the Valley of the Kings". I followed this with a PhD in archaeological chemistry, on the embalming materials used in ancient Egyptian mummification, from the University of Bristol.

As part of York University’s Mummy Research Team (set up in 1999), I worked on archaeological projects in the Valley of the Kings, Egypt, the Yemeni Highlands, north-west of Sana’a, Rome, and a number of museums, before becoming a Wellcome Research Fellow in Bioarchaeology in 2004 (joint Archaeology and Chemistry) based at York Archaeology’s BioArch Centre.