Steve Hatfield-Dodds

Chief Scientist, Integration science and public policy, CSIRO

Dr Steve Hatfield-Dodds has worked for more than two decades at the intersection of research and public policy, with recognised expertise in climate change, sustainable prosperity, ecological economics and adaptive governance, integration science, and the science-policy nexus.

His research and professional work focus on identifying and addressing the distinctive challenges of crafting efficient and worthwhile policy responses to climate change and sustainable development within real world democratic institutions and social processes. His specific interests and expertise focus on:

§ the design, evaluation and communication of incentive based policies;

§ integrated approaches to complex human motivation, values and wellbeing; and

§ promoting improved understanding and governance of complex interdependent social and biophysical systems.

Steve leads CSIRO’s integration science and modelling initiative, which seeks to develop integrated knowledge platforms and decision support to support sustainable prosperity and help manage the energy-water-food nexus. He also leads the development of a new initiative on improving science-policy engagement or unlocking the value of science.


  • –present
    Chief Scientist, Integration science and public policy, CSIRO