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Stuart Haszeldine

Professor of Geology, The University of Edinburgh

Research Interests: Storage of carbon dioxide in hydrocarbon fields, aquifers and coal, and geological sequestration. Establishing a new industry in Carbon Capture and Storage, in the UK, EU and worldwide. Movement and geochemistry of fluids in porous and fractured sedimentary rocks.

Radioactive waste disposal, Low, Intermediate and High level, spent fuel. Geology, geochemistry and basin modelling relating to site selection and performance safety for disposal of radioactive and toxic wastes in the UK and worldwide deep below ground in porous and fractured aquifers. Modelling of sedimentary basins.

Porosity permeability of oil and gas reservoirs, diagenesis of sediments. Counteracting and adapting to climate change, bio-char, black carbon, soil charcoal. Energy sources and policy in the UK and EU.


  • –present
    Professor of Carbon Capture and Storage, University of Edinburgh