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Stuart McFarlane

Researcher, Auditory Perception and Cognition, RMIT University

Stuart McFarlane is a multidisciplinary researcher and designer who specializes in auditory treatments for the improvement and mediation of human performance. Specifically, Stuart is a specialist in the study of auditory countermeasures for sleep inertia (commonly known as morning grogginess). His PhD research findings are the first to show that 'melodic' sounds used for arousal are more effective in reducing sleep inertia symptoms compared to non-melodic compositions. Indeed, Stuart’s research findings have inspired new initiatives in organizations seeking to improve alarm tone design for their products.

Stuart is a strong advocate of multidisciplinary research, and regularly employs quantitative and qualitative analysis techniques. Largely, Stuart develops his research iteratively, and is a strong proponent of ethical user-centred research, ethnographic, and field study approaches.


  • –present
    Researcher, Auditory Perception and Cognition, RMIT University