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Research Fellow in Blue Governance, University of Portsmouth

I am a Research Fellow at the University of Portsmouth and help lead the interdisciplinary Centre for Blue Governance. Our research and impact activities relate to blue economy and blue growth agendas at local, national and international scales.

The aim of my fishery and aquatic social-ecological systems research is holistic and inclusive governance of our aquatic resources. Sustainable development must account for the links among human and non-human water users and stakeholders.

The majority of my activities operate at the science-policy interface. I am particularly interested in understanding how systems and actors respond to change because it is crucial for evidence-based governance and policy decisions.

To this end, I investigate the interaction between bottom-up processes (e.g. emergent sustainability) and top-down decisions (e.g. United Nations Sustainable Development Goals). My work encompasses vulnerability, complex-adaptive systems and social ecological systems research.


  • –present
    Research Fellow in Marine Governance, University of Portsmouth