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Susannah Kate Devitt

Kate Devitt is a Research Associate in Robotics and Autonomous Systems in the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science for the Institute for Future Environments (IFE) researching cognitive decision science including data epistemology and cognitive data analytics. Kate is also a Research Associate for the Faculty of Law where she is researching the ethics of autonomous systems and the rationality of regulation & legal defences of decisions under uncertainty. She is currently project manager on a QUT-Travel industry project to build an evidence-based enterprise social networking platform that promotes the norms of rationality in any organisational or online context. She is also commercialising an interface to optimise cognitive inputs and data analytics for decision support systems. She has a postdoc on a Cotton Research Development Corporation (CRDC) Agri-Intelligence in Cotton Production Systems. Kate holds an undergraduate degree in the History and Philosophy of Science and Psychology from the University of Melbourne (2000) where she specialised in the philosophy of statistics, philosophy of science, decision-making, rationality and philosophy of psychology. She holds a PhD in philosophy and Graduate Certificate in cognitive science from Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, where she graduated with specialisations in epistemology and cognitive science (2013). Areas of interest include the adoption of digital agricultural technologies, the trustworthiness of autonomous systems and implementing Bayesian rationality with social media UX design. Kate has lectured/tutored in the philosophy of science, ethics, cognitive science, science communication and inquiry learning. Kate has run her own online media company (Whole Media) and created Australia’s top environmental podcast in 2007, A Climate Affair. The podcast brought a philosophical, editorial dialogue to environmental issues. The podcast was featured on iTunes and was one of Australia’s top news podcasts generating investment from Australian Green Pages and Jack Green Energy. Kate has also worked as a project administrator and technical writer for Accenture on the Department of Defence CAMM2 Project.


  • 2017–present
    Research Associate Law, Queensland University of Technology
  • 2016–present
    Research Associate Institute for Future Environments, Queensland University of Technology
  • 2015–2016
    Associate Lecturer Information Systems, Queensland University of Technology
  • 2009–2015
    Academic Skills Advisor QUT Library, Queensland University of Technology


  • 2013 
    Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, PhD
  • 2000 
    University of Melbourne, BA(Hons)

Grants and Contracts

  • 2017
    AgriIntelligence in Cotton Production Systems
    Postdoc in cognitive decision science
    Funding Source:
    Cotton Research and Development Corporation
  • 2017
    Data analytics and app technology to guide on farm irrigation
    Research into AgTech adoption
    Funding Source:
    Horticulture Australia

Research Areas

  • Philosophy (2203)
  • Cognitive Sciences (1702)