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DECRA Fellow, UNSW Sydney

Having a PhD. in evolutionary biology does not say much: after all, evolution underlies all life. To be a bit more specific: I'm a big-data biologist. This means that I collect large sets of data, often comparative - spanning hundreds and thousands of species - and analyse them to gain insights about how life evolved and changed. I also routinely summarise other's work by performing systematic meta-analyses. Apart from the big-data world I have specific focus models: I study sexual behaviours, phenotypic plasticity, impacts of climate change on ecology, and the role colour plays in biology and evolution.

Science is great but it's not my only hat. I'm also a scientific illustrator and graphic designer, engaged in spreading science using art and designing informative pieces that convey scientific knowledge in simple ways. Finally, I'm also a writer and journalist - I've authored two popular science books, and dozens of articles in everyday newspapers and magazines in Poland. having moved to Australia - I hope to continue making this in a language more accessible to most of us.


  • –present
    DECRA Fellow, UNSW


  • 2008 
    University of New South Wales; School of Biological, Environmental & Earth Sciences, Evolutionary biology