Adjunct Professor, School of Psychology and Speech Pathology, Curtin University; Education and Research Director, Cancer Council WA; Chair, Occupational and Environmental Cancer Committee, Cancer Council Australia

Terry Slevin is one of the Cancer Council’s foremost experts on public health research and health promotion.

He is a regular media commentator on cancer issues from the causes and early detection of cancer, to broader chronic disease prevention issues including nutrition, physical activity, weight control, alcohol and sun protection. He recently published a series of 15 articles on cancer myths.

Director, Education and Research at The Cancer Council WA where he has worked since 1994, Mr Slevin holds a Masters in Public Health and an Honours degree in Psychology. He is Adjunct Professor in the School of Psychology and Speech Pathology at Curtin University and was previously Vice President of the Public Health Association.

Founding chair of Cancer Council Australia’s Nutrition and Physical Activity Committee and served as Chair of the National Skin Cancer Committee., Mr Slevin has recently taken on the role of Chair of the Cancer Council’s Occupational and Environmental Cancer Committee. He Edited a book on skin cancer for CSIRO Publishing in 2014 titled "Sun Skin and Health". .


  • 1994–2013
    Director, Education and Research, Cancer Council WA