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Senior Lecturer In Creative Writing, University of Roehampton

My work has appeared in the USA, Canada, France, Mexico, Chile, Catalunya and the UK.
Petrarch Collected Atkins was a Times Literary Supplement book of the year for 2014.

Nothing on Atkins: Essays Upon The Work Of Tim Atkins" [2023] Crater Press
Nothing Conclusive Has Yet Taken Place in the World the Ultimate Word of the World and about the World Has Not Yet Been Spoken the World Is Open and Free Everything Is Still in the Future and Will Always Be" [2023] Crater Press
A Girl Is A Machine Made Of Words [2020] Canary Woof
Deep Osaka: A Photobook [2020] Crater Press
"The Bath-Tub / The Bathos: A Novel" forthcoming from Boiler House
"On Fathers


  • 2016–2023
    Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing, University of Roehampton


  • 2011 
    University of Roehampton, PhD