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EPSRC Career Acceleration Research Fellow, University of Sheffield

Tom’s research is focused on studying the properties of ferromagnetic nanostructures both to gain a better understanding of their fundamental behaviour and to develop new technological applications. His work combines contemporary nano-fabrication techniques such as electron-beam lithography and thin-film deposition with high-sensitivity experimental techniques such as focused Magneto-Optic Kerr Effect (MOKE) magnetometry, Vector Network Analyser Ferromagnetic Resonance measurements (VNA-FMR) and Magnetoresistance (MR) measurements. He also has a strong interest in the simulation of magnetisation dynamics using numerical micromagnetic simulations.

Tom’s previous work has included studies of the properties of magnetic nanowire and nano-ring devices, both exciting candidates for future magnetic memory technologies. He has also developed methods of magnetically tagging probe biomolecules in high throughput biological assays, and ferromagnetic nanostructures capable of trapping and manipulating ultra-cold atoms.

His current research is focused on gaining a comprehensive, quantitative understanding of thermally activated “stochastic” behaviour in ferromagnetic nanostructures, a fundamental problem holding back the realisation of new forms of nanomagnetic technology.


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    EPSRC Career Acceleration Research Fellow, University of Sheffield