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Epidemiologist, Cochrane

Tom Jefferson is one of the editors of the Cochrane Acute Respiratory Infections (ARI) Group, and a member of six other other Cochrane review groups. His main research interests are the application of systematic reviewing methods to studies of antivirals and vaccines of different designs (such as trials, economic evaluations and epidemiological studies) and editorial peer review. Tom was a visiting research fellow at the UK Cochrane Centre in Oxford (1999-2012) and presently is the scientific lead of the Italian HTA programme on devices and diagnostics. While pursuing his research activity, Tom has published over two hundred papers and co-authored five books. Tom has co-reviewed the evidence of the effects of editorial and grant application peer review and the effects of interventions to prevent and treat the common cold (funded by a British Medical Association HC Roscoe Fellowship), of several vaccines and of physical interventions to interrupt transmission of ARIs for a variety of funders.
Tom’s most recent activity is centred on the development of methods to incorporate regulatory information (data and comments) into Cochrane reviews using the example of the drug oseltamivir/Tamiflu for influenza to minimize the effects of reporting bias. The review is funded by the UK’s NIHR.


  • 1994–present
    Epidemiologist, Cochrane Library