Senior Lecturer, School of Design, University of Technology Sydney

I am a design theorist and researcher whose work focuses on the experiential dimensions of technology, materials and spaces. I am particularly concerned with the distinctive feelings and forms of networked, consumer oriented culture that characterise life in wealthy democracies after WWII. This includes the massive proliferation and diversification of leisure oriented experiences associated with music, food and exercise.

My research practice and output aims to translate diverse and sometimes abstract perspectives from philosophy and theory into insights that readily mesh with research questions more specifically relevant to academic design practitioners and design research units.

I have extensive teaching experience within the university and industry helping designers refine and communicate the key concepts in their work, including communication projects with leading design thinking consultancies.

I am currently working on a research projects with Berto Pandolfo on innovative object design in small batch production and the broader cultural implications digital technologies have for the way people interact with objects.


  • 2016–present
    Course director, UTS, Masters of Design
  • 2015–2017
    Course coordinator, UTS, Researching Design History
  • 2012–2014
    Casual Academic, UWS


  • 2012 
    UWS, Writing and Society, Doctor of Philosophy
  • 2007 
    UTS, BA Hons (first class) Communications (Writing and Cultural Studies)


  • 2016
    (Chatper) "McCarthy, W.G. Sebald and A.N. Whitehead: Metaphysical Prose", Cormac McCarthy Borders and Landscapes
  • 2016
    (Book review) 'You Must Change Your Life' by Peter Sloterdijk, Design Issues
  • 2016
    'Contemporary Perspectives In Aesthetic Theory: Steven Connor, Sianne Ngai And The Edible World', Aesthetics and Culture
  • 2015
    Place and Identity: What we can learn from the dead? , Journal of Craft and Design Enquiry
  • 2012
    The Lists of W.G. Sebald, M/C Journal
  • 2012
    Burrs and Burrows, Environmental Humanities

Grants and Contracts

  • 2014
    Marten Bequest Travelling Scholarship
    Sole recipient
    Funding Source:
    Marten Bequest