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Lecturer in History, University of Galway

Tomás Finn is a lecturer in History at the University of Galway. He specialises in Irish and British history. An internationally recognised scholar, he is regarded as an authority on modern Irish political history. His research and publications have made a significant contribution to historical scholarship. The importance of his prize winning book on Tuairim in understanding the evolving intellectual climate in Ireland and its role in persuading governmental institutions to adopt new policies and a chapter on Donal Barrington, the Supreme Court Judge, in an edited volume have shown that public intellectuals in Ireland and among its diaspora, in fact, did influence the key policy decisions that shaped modern Ireland. This concern with intellectuals and social movements and the process of modernisation is reflected in his current work. He is currently co-editing two books and has chapters in each of these, one on Youth Political Parties and the other Muintir na Tire, the rural social movement. His work thus reflects the Department of History and School of History and Philosophy's ongoing research strengths in the areas of Activism and Justice, Religion and Society and Childhood, Youth and Family. He focuses on the intersection between intellectuals, civil society and church and state in understanding the process of modernisation.