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Associate Professor and Principal Research Fellow, The University of Melbourne

A/Prof LaMontagne’s expertise is in occupational health, health promotion, and the intersection of the two. In the McCaughey Centre, most of his work falls under the theme area of “economic participation and security” as upstream determinants of mental health & community wellbeing. “Safe and decent work for fair pay is a fundamental human right and a pillar of civil society. Yet working conditions continue to be a major contributor to health inequalities in Australia and other countries,” he says. Hazardous working conditions, and associated disease and injury burdens, disproportionately affect those in less powerful positions in society: for examples, lower occupational status workers, women, and younger workers. “So we’re a far way from a “fair go” at healthy and sustainable work for all in Australia,” says LaMontagne. “In a society as small and prosperous as Australia, we could be a world leader in the pursuit of that goal, given the political will.”