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Research Associate, Department of Medicine, University of Cambridge

Dr. Shetty is a highly skilled clinical microbiology and immunology specialist dedicated to advancing the field through innovative solutions to combat infectious diseases. With a robust background spanning research, supervision, and teaching roles in both public and private academic settings, Dr. Shetty excels in networking, project management, people management, strategic planning, capacity building, research and development, and translational research.

Currently serving as a Research Associate at the Department of Medicine, University of Cambridge, and a Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow at Parasites & Microbes, Wellcome Sanger Institute, Dr. Shetty is at the forefront of multiple projects and grants centered on adaptive molecular diagnostics, vaccines and treatment landscapes, and unraveling the host and H. pylori virulence factors in gastric diseases.

Dr. Shetty's impactful research has earned acclaim from prestigious organizations and garnered media attention. Proficient in diverse microbiological and immunological techniques, molecular biology, alternative medicine, biostatistics, and bioinformatics, Dr. Shetty has made substantial contributions to projects related to diphtheria, cholera, H. pylori, AMR, human gut microbiome, and more. Passionate about bridging the gap between science and practical solutions, Dr. Shetty continues to drive advancements in the understanding and management of infectious diseases.


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    Research Associate, Department of Medicine, University of Cambridge