Associate Professor of Materials Chemistry and Nanobiotechnology and Leader of NanoBiotechnology Research Laboratory (NBRL), RMIT University

Current research activities:

Biological and biomimetic synthesis of functional nanomaterials
Ionic liquids mediated synthesis and self-assembly of functional nano(bio)materials
Galvanic replacement reactions for synthesis of functional nanomaterials
Structure-function relationship of nanomaterials and composites
Tailored synthesis of nanostructured surfaces and colloids for applications in:
Biological imaging (MRI, PET, CT and NIR imaging)
Controlled drug delivery (Polymer and protein nanocapsules)
Sensing (SERS and QCM sensors for chemical and biological species such as environmental pollutants, infectious diseases including malaria, and dairy, food and beverages)
Nano-genomic and nano-proteomic approaches to evaluate nanomaterial cytotoxicity
Antimicrobial applications of nanomaterials
Catalysis (Bio-catalysis and electrocatalysis)
Flexible electronics


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    Associate Professor of Materials Chemistry and Nanobiotechnology at , RMIT University


APD Fellow, Australian Research Council