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Senior research associate, Lancaster University

Dr. Vivek Nair is an inventor and an investor in start-ups in the field of Nanotechnology, Environment, Sustainability, Energy storage, production and consumption, Carbon, Catalysts & Composites.His journey begins at the age of 21 with the invention of a process to convert carbon emissions into carbon nanotubes (a material stronger than steel). His discovery led him to start a company focused on automating this process and turning carbon emission into a useable resource for many applications.
Vivek was named one of the today's disrupters and tomorrow's brightest stars by Forbes "30 under 30" list,for the year 2012 & MIT Technology Review outstanding innovators under 35, for the year 2012. He has also received the National award for meritorious invention from NRDC, Government of India. Vivek has also been named by Tehelka as "Tipping point - Architects of the Future", for the year 2012. He was also the winner of Ashoka/Staples Social Youth Entrepreneur award,2011.

He is also featured in "Indians of Tomorrow" by India Today in 2012 along with many well-know people in India. In addition, Vivek completed his double doctorate in Materials Science and Mechanical Engineering at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore & Loughborough University, UK to further his effort in developing advanced materials of the future. His engineering skills displayed during his PhD studies are appreciated by the Institute of Engineers, Singapore by giving him the "Most Progressive Engineering Achievement award" during World's Engineers summit in Singapore, 2013. His talks at various prestigious avenues like Techonomy Conference-2011, WES- 2013, TiECon 2014, INK Talks 2012 etc. has received a lot of appreciation. Vivek has co-founded & invested in 6 tech-companies established in Singapore, UK, South Africa and India. He is currently working as a senior research associate at Energy Lancaster, Lancaster University, UK.


  • 2016–2017
    Senior Research Associate, Lancaster University


  • 2016 
    Nanyang Technological University , PhD
  • 2016 
    Loughborough University, PhD


  • 2014
    Symmetric Aqueous Rechargeable Lithium Battery UsingNa1.16V3O8Nanobelts Electrodes for Safe High Volume Energy Storage Applications, J. Electrochem. Soc. 2014 161(3): A256-A263
  • 2014
    Crystalline Li3V6O16 Rods as High-Capacity Anode Materials for Aqueous Rechargeable Lithium Batteries, RSC Adv., 2014, 4, 28601-28605
  • 2014
    Sodium Vanadium Oxide - a new material for high-performance symmetric sodium ion batteries, ChemPhysChem, 2014, DOI: 10.1002/cphc.201402020R1


B.Tech Bioengineering