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Associate professor, Emory University

I am interested in the age old question of consciousness and how it arises. Many have opined on this topic, but it is only recently that we can study this important question through science. I believe we are on the verge of making great advances in this field but this will require that we all listen to each other. Indeed, I believe the rate of advancement in the understanding of consciousness will be measured by how well neuroscientists, philosophers, and psychologists can work together.


  • 1998–present
    Associate Teaching Professor, Emory University Biolgy
  • 1992–1994
    Postdoctoral fellow, Emory University, Neuropharmacology


  • 1992 
    University of California, Santa Cruz, Doctor of Philosophy
  • 1985 
    University of California, Davis, Bachelor of Science


  • 2020
    Could Striate Cortex Microcolumns Serve as the Neural Correlates of Visual Consciousness?, Athens Journal of Sciences
  • 2016
    QVA: A Massively Parallel Model for Vision, Psychology of Consciousness, 3 (3), 222-238
  • 2013
    Quantized Visual Awareness, Frontiers in Psychology, 4:869
  • 2011
    Qualia as the fundamental nature of visual awareness, Journal of Theoretical Biology, 279(1):172-6.