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Associate Professor in Mathematics Education, The University of Melbourne

Assoc Prof Wee Tiong SEAH has more than 18 years of experience in initial teacher education and in-service professional development across different tertiary institutions in Victoria. Before embarking on an academic career, Wee Tiong has had extensive professional experience in mathematics teaching and pastoral care across a range of school settings in Singapore and Australia.

Wee Tiong is co-Director of The University of Melbourne Numeracy R-3 Professional Development program (2019 – 2021), designed for South Australia Department for Education. He was a member of the Australian federal government’s Expert Advisory and Research Group, and was invited in 2018 by the Victorian Department of Education to facilitate workshops for some 800 principals and school leaders. He also conducts collaborative research and consultancy activities in no less than 8 countries overseas, and has delivered more than 20 keynote addresses in the last 10 years.

Wee Tiong's main research focus is on developing students’ wellbeing in mathematics education, fostering the valuing of attributes such as perseverance to thrive at learning mathematics. He currently coordinates a 19-country research consortium in a series of research studies relating to the harnessing of values to promote positive mathematics learning outcomes, to develop teacher self-efficacy, and to empower students to regulate mathematics anxiety. He is passionate about comparative education, researching how the last few decades of globalisation have brought about a convergence of (mathematics) education policies which ignore the cultural nature of knowledge, skills and dispositions.


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    Associate Professor, University of Melbourne