William Baah-Boateng

Senior Lecturer, Economics, University of Ghana

PhD (Economics) in 2009 at University of Ghana (with coursework at Harvard University)
M. Phil (Economics) in 1999; University of Ghana
BA (Hons) in Economics (Single major) with Sociology; University of Ghana
GCE “A” Level 1991, Kumasi High School
GCE “O” Level 1989, Akumadan Secondary School

Analysis of the labour market and labour relations, poverty and gender issues, SME development, and development economics

1. Labour market impact of immigration
2. Determinants of Occupational Choice of Ghanaian Workers”
3. Effects of innovations on employment
4.Women in mining

Graduate Level
Econ 731: Labour Economics I (PhD)
Econ 732: Labour Economics II (PhD)
Econ 631: Labour Economics I
Econ 632: Labour Economics II
EPMP 616: Applied Quantitative Analysis

Undergraduate Level
Econ 441: Economic Theory I (Micro)
Econ 443: Econometrics I
Econ 444: Econometrics II;
Econ 459: Labour Economics I
Econ 462: Labour Economics II



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Working Papers

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    Senior Lecturer, Economics , University of Ghana