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Professor of Criminology, University of Bath

Yvonne Jewkes (BA Hons), MA (Leicester), PhD (Cantab) was appointed Professor of Criminology at the University of Bath in September 2018. Prior to this she was Professor of Criminology at the University of Kent. Her main research interest is prisons and the sociology of imprisonment, especially prison architecture, design and technology. She is currently conducting a research study funded by the ESRC (Oct 2018-Sept 2020) on ‘The “Rehabilitation Prison”: An oxymoron or an opportunity to radically reform imprisonment?’ (with Dr Kate Gooch, University of Leicester). Prior to this, she was PI on another three-year ESRC study (2014-2016) titled ‘"Fear-suffused environments" or potential to rehabilitate? Prison architecture, design and technology and the lived experience of carceral spaces’.

Yvonne is also interested in the media-crime-culture nexus ands recently published a new US edition (with Travis Linnemann) of her best-selling book Media & Crime; and a 2nd edition of the Handbook on Prisons (with Ben Crewe and Jamie Bennett). She is series editor of the Sage Key Approaches to Criminology series and (with Ben Crewe and Thomas Ugelvik) the Palgrave Studies in Prisons and Penology series. Yvonne was a Founding Editor of Crime, Media, Culture: An International Journal. She has guest edited a special issue of Qualitative Inquiry on ‘Doing Prison Research Differently’ April 2014: 20(5); a special issue (with Ben Crewe) of Punishment & Society on 'The Pains of Imprisonment Revisited' December 2011: 13(5); and a special issue of Prison Service Journal on the theme of 'Prison Space' 2010 Vol 187.

Recent Publications

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