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The Conversation weekly quiz – #1


At The Conversation, we’re constantly finding out amazing new facts about the world from the academics who write for us. So to test how closely you’ve been reading this week, we’ll be running a short quiz each Friday. Answers below … if you need them.

1: Which 16-year-old future British monarch went to Japan and got famous Japanese tattoo artist Hori Chiyo to ink him?

2: Researchers have found that 55% of people involved in which activity on their mobile phones were under the age of 16?

3: Which iconic funk drummer, who played for Otis Redding and James Brown – and whose famous Funky Drummer drum break has been sampled in over 1,300 songs – died in late February?

4: Which is the UK’s third smallest city?

5: How much does the British curry industry contribute to the UK economy?

British cuisine. J, CC BY

6: What function do xylem elements perform inside plants?

7: Which country in Eastern Europe sold people to West Germany and Israel during the Cold War?

8: The 19th-century scientist Luigi Galvani used electricity to animate the dismembered limbs of which animals?

9: Roughly how old are the world’s earliest known fossils, which have recently been discovered in Canada?

10: How many times do mathematicians recommend you shuffle a pack of cards to give a fair deck?

One last time. Daniil Yanopulo via


  1. King George V.

  2. Sexting.

  3. Clyde Stubblefield.

  4. The City of London.

  5. More than £4 billion a year.

  6. They carry water from the roots to the leaves.

  7. Romania.

  8. Frogs.

  9. Between 3.8 billion and 4.3 billion years old.

  10. Seven (or 11, depending on how you measure fairness).

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