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From the Editors

The Conversation working with The ABC

Today I’d like to fill you in on some work we’ve been doing behind the scenes. The Conversation’s mission is to help create a better informed public debate by making it easier for academics and researchers to take part.

One way we do this is by sharing the expertise of The Conversation’s academic authors as widely as we can. We make everything we do free to republish under creative commons and work in partnership with key media organisations in Australia and globally.

A few weeks ago we deepened our collaboration with the ABC to ensure the Australian public broadcaster gets the best from The Conversation authors. For the past six weeks Adam Connors, a senior member of the ABC news team, has been working with us to alert ABC journalists to our upcoming articles and identify opportunities to work with the ABC to inform its audience with deep context and explanation.

In that time Conversation articles have been viewed more than 1 million times on the ABC and there has also been a terrific appetite to interview authors on TV and radio. It’s a good result for everyone involved: the authors, The Conversation, the ABC and most importantly everyone who wants to better understand what’s going on in an increasingly specialised and complex world.

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