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From the Editors

The off-topic Conversation #119

Welcome to The Conversation’s off-topic space. We’ve set this up as the place where you can discuss anything that isn’t related to a specific article. Please feel free to use this space to get to know each other and talk about news elsewhere and whatever else strikes your fancy.

This is also an opportunity to discuss broader issues about The Conversation, including moderation, community standards and editorial decisions. These threads will be read by Conversation staff, however we will keep our commenting to a minimum so that this can be your space.

On a side note, a big hello from me, your new Audience Development Manager. I’ll be the fresh set of eyes keeping track of The Conversation’s commenting landscape and will be on hand to answer your questions about how we discuss, dissect and divulge in ideas shared on The Conversation. A bit about me: I studied a Bachelor of Journalism at QUT, before interning at The Conversation in 2014. I lived in Germany for a year to freelance then returned to my home-state of Queensland to take up a reporting + social media role. I’ve just moved from the small Queensland town of Warwick where I worked in a similar job with the statewide media organisation News Regional Media.

Once a fortnight I’ll be doing a bit of a wrap of trends emerging in our comments fields, as well as an explainer or two to clarify a few points in our community standards. What better place to get to know each other than on the off-topic section - fire away with questions or just give a cheery g'day.

- Molly

Our community standards still apply and will be enforced, so please keep it nice and avoid personal attacks. Beyond that, this is your space. Enjoy.

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