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UK election 2019: what we’ll be covering – and what we won’t

For some, it’s the Grinch Election; a mid-winter trip to the polls that has slammed straight into the festive season interrupting Christmas shopping and parties (including The Conversation’s London bash).

For others, it’s the election that had to happen, to break the Brexit deadlock and define Britain’s future. But could it mean the very end of the United Kingdom, itself? The stakes are that high as the campaign commences.

Here at The Conversation, a charity, we are dedicated to providing readers with trustworthy, evidence-based academic journalism all year round – but we think that principle becomes doubly important during election campaigns. And while other media – old and new – may fixate on the personalities and quick headlines, we will dig deep into policy proposals that may shape these isles for a generation.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll bring you informed analysis of developments in the campaign and we’ll fact check the claims being made. Academic expert authors will dive deep into manifestos to pull out the promises that matter as December 12 approaches. Issues from the environment to health, education, trade (yes, Brexit) and international relations will be picked apart and considered by university scholars with a deep knowledge of their fields.

It may be the most difficult vote to predict in decades, so while we’ll look at what certain voting patterns may do to the electoral map, we’ll also focus on what proposed measures will mean for the UK, Ireland, and other European countries.

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