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A member of the German Democratic Party after the results posted giving a significant number of votes to the AfD, Germany’s far-right on 9 June 2024. John Macdougall/AFP

EU elections: far-right parties surge, but less than had been expected

Sunday’s vote show that the growing presence of far-right parties in almost all member states, but the increase wasn’t the groundswell expected and conceals differences.
Can these two ever see eye to eye on energy? Different strategies may have to do more with politics than nationality. Odd Andersen/AFP

In France and Germany, politics – not nationality – dictate energy preferences

The two countries have a history of quarrels on energy, in particular in relation to nuclear power. Yet a recent survey reveals much common ground on which to build future energy partnerships.
People walk outside the European Parliament in Brussels in May 2024 prior to a debate with the lead candidates for the European Parliament elections. (AP Photo/Geert Vanden Wijngaert)

Why we should care about this week’s European Parliament elections

European Parliament elections are held every five years and are often volatile. This week’s should be no exception.
Raw materials are key for the climate transition. Electric vehicles, for example, require cobalt, nickel, lithium, and manganese for their batteries and platinum for fuel cells. IM Imagery/Shutterstock

Our research reveals the scale of the EU’s dependency on imports for critical minerals needed for the green transition - here’s how that can change

The EU’s Critical Raw Materials Act came into force on 23 May, marking the bloc’s largest attempt to secure its own source of materials needed for the green transition.
Calls are growing in Europe for all plane passengers to pay their fair share, with current EU climate legislation letting the private aviation sector off the hook. Shutterstock/Aerodim

Europe’s climate laws could spell the end to low-cost flights – but what about private jets?

Current loopholes in EU climate laws would allow affluent private jet passengers to maintain their polluting lifestyle, while the lower and middle classes are compelled to give up low-cost flights.

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