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Prime Minister Keir Starmer speaks during the debate on the King’s Speech in the House of Commons. PA Images / Alamy Stock Photo

King’s speech lays out plans to reform Britain’s political system: experts react

Academic experts explain the political reforms in the king’s speech.
King Charles III, alongside Queen Camilla, sits in the sovereign’s throne in the House of Lords chamber, before reading the King’s Speech. (Henry Nicholls/POOL via AP)/Alamy Stock Photo

King’s speech 2024: experts explain new government’s plans for workers’ rights, rail nationalisation, housebuilding and more

Academic experts break down the policy highlights in the 2024 king’s speech.
Count Binface: cometh the hour, cometh the man with a trash can on his head. Shutterstock/Alamy/Zuma/Lucy NorthScott A Garfitt/Martin Rickett/Maureen McLean/Lawrey/Nynke van Holten/Jucadima/

Election 2024: what happens on the big day – and at what time

An exit poll at 10pm will give a good sense of whether the UK is indeed heading for a Labour landslide.
You know that feeling when you’re on your plane and every time you open your mouth, dozens of people write down everything you say? Oh, you don’t? Alamy/Henry Nicholls

Why politicians may find it hard to understand ordinary voters

People with higher power and status are less good at reading others – and there’s an unexpected explanation.

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