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The view out of a hospital window can make a big difference to patients and to staff. Miranda Lawry

A clearer view on the healing power of the arts

Florence Nightingale was a practical, highly experienced nurse who advocated the role of beauty, aesthetics and nature in medical practice. She believed buildings with windows, beautiful views, central…
Bit of first aid wouldn’t go amiss. Lester Public Library

Silly ambulance call-outs are just the tip of the iceberg

We expect just as much from our ambulance services as we do from accident and emergency departments. But under-resourced and overstretched health systems mean ambulance staff are increasingly under pressure…
Anononymised information from emergency departments can improve policing. Dominic Alves

Hospitals could help police prevent violent crime

With so many lurid reports of violence on our TV screens, it’s easy to think that the police know about all or most incidents. But they don’t. The National Crime Victimisation Survey in the US and the…
You never know what’s coming through the door. Folkstone42

Confessions of a US emergency doctor

Walking into each room to greet my next patient often reminds me of Forrest Gump: “You never know what you’re going to get.” It’s challenging to have only one chance to get it right but I love being an…
Being sectioned in a mental hospital may not mean the best care. Truester

Patients sectioned for beds, but hospitals not the best place to be

Claims that doctors are sectioning mental health patients in order to get them access to beds on psychiatric wards amount to “more than anecdotal evidence”, according to a committee of MPs who have just…
Whistling while you work should be part of the NHS culture. Flickr/

Sacked for whistleblowing, now the NHS must reform

I lost my job in 2010 after raising concerns about staff shortages and patient safety in the NHS. But despite the NHS Chief Executive’s promise to intervene for whistleblowers and a tribunal in my favour…
The key question is whether the new prime minister regards the hospital system as having been fixed. AAP Image/David Crosling

Will the buck stop with Rudd on fixing the hospital system?

One of the key platforms of the first Rudd government was to reform the health and hospital system. The key message from then-prime minister Kevin Rudd was that the health, and particularly hospitals…
Everyone seems to prefer a big punch up. Flickr/Peacay

Doctors bashing Jeremy Hunt is just a Punch and Judy show

It’s a traditional part of the theatre of health policy for trade unionists to give secretaries of state for health a hard time. The latest example of this was the vote of no confidence in Jeremy Hunt…
A game of two halves: publishing performance can improve services but could also affect who surgeons choose to take on. PA/Gareth Fuller

Publishing surgeons’ performance could lead to gaming

Data on hospital performance often shows a wide variation and this poses the question of whether it should be available to the public or kept confidential. The government wants more transparency and announced…

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