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The Conversation’s health coverage: policy, chiropractic, obesity and medicine. AAP,, Puuiki Beach, LJA Kliche

Health + Medicine: reflections on our first year

In The Conversation’s first editorial meeting editor Andrew Jaspan explained what he wanted to achieve with the site: a more informed level of debate, based on evidence, research and expert opinion. It…
Linking research and teaching, universities are best placed to teach evidence-based CAM. Tulane Publications

Why universities should teach alternative medicine

Most readers would know of the current debate about universities teaching complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). A core question not being addressed in this debate is what other institution is better…
Vitamins, minerals and herbal therapies should live up to the claims on their packaging. Peter Sunna

Consumers need the facts about complementary medicines

Two out of three Australians use complementary medicines to boost their nutrition, alleviate various symptoms and improve their overall health and well-being. There are around 10,000 products to choose…
The placebo effect may be making people feel better but it should never be substituted for real medicine. vitasamb2001/

Doctors’ orders: debunking homeopathy once and for all

Homeopathy’s got a bit of a run in the media in recent months and the stories are by no means positive. It all started in April when the medical press highlighted the National Health and Research Council’s…

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