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At least I’m not French … oh, wait. Mark Richards/PA

Will-I-Am Indian, but does it matter?

The front-page of The Times carried a story today that William could be “Britain’s first king to have proven Indian ancestry”. The story continues inside, along with an advert for the personal DNA testing…
The Times claimed today that Prince William has Indian ancestors. Vincent Lyon-Dalberg-Acton

Attention The Times: Prince William’s DNA is not a toy

An ancestor of Prince William’s from the 19th century was half Indian, according to The Times. This claim is based on analysis of his distant cousins’ DNA. We have such technology today, but how comfortable…
Dad? Hans S

Are you a Viking? Yes, but so is everyone else

In our lab we have a phone that rings several times a day. The conversation is always the same. A man from somewhere in the UK is desperate to know the answer to one question: “Am I a Viking?” An answer…

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