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Anonymous takes on Trump. Guy Fawkes mask: laurelrusswurm/flickr; Trump: gageskidmore/flickr

How Anonymous hacked Donald Trump

Anonymous is not seeking to tear down Trump's personal privacy, but something much more sacred to him: his brand.
Million Mask March in London November 2015. Peter Nicholls/Reuters

The impersonal politics of the Guy Fawkes mask

Why did a hacktivist collective like Anonymous repurpose the image of Guy Fawkes for its ubiquitous masks? A scholar looks at how a 17th-century English villain became the face of resistance.
NHS systems are groaning under the weight of big data and that’s bad for patients. Trevor Pritchard

Outdated laws put your health data in jeopardy

Given the heightened sense of concern about our personal data following the Edward Snowden revelations, it probably isn’t the best time for the NHS to ask us for more. So it simply hasn’t bothered asking…
Hacktivists are campaigning against the Australian government’s proposed changes to privacy laws. Tina Mailhot-Roberge

Why is Anonymous hacking Australia?

A few days ago, Anonymous activists hacked into AAPT, stole 40GB of data including customer information and forced offline ten Australian government websites. Anonymous members stated in an online internet…
Hector Xavier Monsegur, 28, was the supposed ringleader of hacking group LulzSec. Fox News

LulzSec arrests will do limited damage to hacktivist movement

The arrests of five members of the hacker group LulzSec are unlikely to land a lasting blow for authorities in the “constantly…
Stopping the internet isn’t impossible, but it’s unlikely any time soon. iNKMan

Could Anonymous really shut down the internet?

In a statement posted online last month, hacker collective Anonymous announced plans to shut down the internet. Yes, you read that right. Operation Global Blackout, planned for March 31, is apparently…
Have the corporate exposés by Anonymous already backfired? mr.smashy

Anonymous, WikiLeaks and email dumps – the ultimate weapon?

Of all the tactics used by hacker collective [Anonymous]( in any of its “operations”, the release of their victims’ emails has been one that potentially could…
Threats of exposure have been met with threats of murder – or so it seems. Eneas.

Anonymous versus Los Zetas drug cartel … a merry Mexican dance

In recent weeks, the fractured nature of Anonymous, the hacktivist collective, has come to the fore after it declared war on Los Zetas, a Mexican drug cartel. Dubbed “Operation Cartel”, it was announced…

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