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Kasey Chambers was one of the six women who won awards at the ARIAs this year. Women had no nominations at all in Best Group, Dance, Adult Contemporary or Hard Rock/Heavy Metal. David Moir/AAP

The 2017 ARIA Awards are still off-key when it comes to gender

Why, in 2017, are women still falling behind in the ARIA awards: in nominations, winners, and performances?
Best Classical Album winners Flight Facilities, playing at the ARIA award ceremony last year. Tracey Nearmy/AAP

ARIAs still matter to artists, but what do they say about us?

High-profile awards ceremonies are often only as interesting as the controversies they create. The 2016 ARIA Awards has started strongly in this area. Although the main ceremony is still a month away…

Why are the 2014 ARIAs so international?

Wednesday night sees the 2014 Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) awards honouring the greats of Aussie pop. The ARIAs has a much more international feel this year, with the largest ever overseas…
Electronica musician Chet Faker, on Future Classic distributed by Warner, is nominated for the ARIA’s album of the year. EPA/ Anthony Anex

Independent artists call the shots, ARIAs or not

Since the Australian Record Industry Association (ARIA) award nominations were released last week much of the talk has been about how 80% of the nominations for album of the year were released “independently…
Jessica Mauboy performs on stage at the 27th ARIA Awards in Sydney, Sunday. Do we expect too much of what is, essentially, an industry love-in? AAP Image/Dan Himbrechts

The 2013 ARIAs: another year of industry self-congratulation

After weeks of hyped-up national pride, the halting speeches are over and the awkward presentations made. The 27th Australia Recording Industry Association Awards (the ARIAs) have passed away, marooned…
Rapper 360 had six nominations including Album Of The Year and Best Male Artist in last year’s ARIA awards. AAP Image/Tracey Nearmy

Hip hop is now on top at the ARIA Awards

The 2013 winners of the Australian Record Industry Association (ARIA) Awards will be announced this Sunday night, 26 years after John Farnham cleaned up at the inaugural ceremony in 1987. A lot has changed…

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