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Young children pass the time in their riverside shanty town on the banks of the heavily-polluted Ciliwung River. (Dewi Putra/Shutterstock)

What can Indonesia learn from past policies to prevent another poverty hike during the pandemic?

COVID19 threatens to reverse years of Indonesia’s positive trends in poverty alleviation. We highlight lessons from past policies to prevent another poverty hike during the pandemic.
Dancing with the Balinese dragon. AAP/Zul Edoardo

Don’t expect a rerun of the Asian Financial Crisis

Despite worries about a new Asian Financial Crisis, much has changed since the last one in 1997. Even if a crisis were to materialise, it would look quite different from that of two decades ago.
Worst hit by the Asian financial crisis in 1998, Indonesia’s economy has returned to pre-crisis growth rates. What lessons are there for Greece? Flickr/Cillian Storm

Can Greece learn from the story of Indonesia in the Asian financial crisis?

European financial woes are mounting daily is what some have called the biggest economic challenge of our generation. However, just over a decade ago an even larger financial crisis was unfolding in Australia’s…

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